Friday, July 26, 2013

Breaking News!!! & a To Do List

Well I guess it's not so breaking since Instagram and most our friends have known for a few days, but... We're having a Baby!
For now, we are calling our little bundle of joy, Minion. Which seems to be a huge hit :)
I had my first prenatal visit with our Midwife yesterday and everything is looking good. My next visit is in 6 weeks and we will get to hear the heartbeat!!!
We've known about Minion for a week now and of course like the insane planner I am, I have been busy making a mission plan. I already had 2 Pinterest boards going. One for general baby cuteness, and one for things I definitely want to do/remember.
I also have a week by week to do list that was inspired by the indicated links and this handy checklist.

Week 5

  • Go to Target and pick up Registry Welcome Gift from Customer Service
  • Make Baby Wipes - Solution = 1C Water + 1TBS Baby Wash
Week 6

  • Watch More Business of Being Born
  • Buy a Body Pillow
Week 7

  • Pickup Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy (Weslaco Library)
Week 8

  • Finish reading From the Hips
  • First Shopping Trip at Ikea
  • Lay down new nursery rug
Week 9

  • Move Craft Room Bookcase
  • Fill New Cube Case in Hall
Week 10

  • Finish reading Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy (Weslaco Library)
  • Hang Pallet Shelf for Baby Book Collection
Week 11

Week 12

  • Read Heading Home With Your Newborn (San Juan Library)
Week 13

  • Have Mom make me a nursing cover 
Week 14

  • Round-out Maternity Wardrobe
  • Sign up for Childbirth-prep course
Week 15

  • Recover Rocking Chair cushions
Week 16

  • Develop Birth Plan incl. who to have present 
Week 17

  • Reinforce Dresser Drawers

Week 18

  • Purchase drawer tubs for Dresser
Week 20

  • Start Gender-specific crafts
Week 21

  • Read Mayo Clinic Guide to Your Baby's First Year (Sekula Library)
Week 22
Week 23

  • Luke redoes Living Room Floor
Week 24

Week 26

  • Go to Dallas (Possible Shower)
  • Final Ikea run
Week 27

  • Still in Dallas
Week 28

  • Setup Nursery - Mini Crib, Changing Table Topper, Diaper Pail
Week 29

Week 30 

  • Buy a delivery gown
  • Check with Insurance about adding Minion to Policy
  • Do a Maternity Shoot
Week 31

  • Purchase Car Seat
  • Purchase Cloth Diapers
Week 32

  • Prepare Diaper Detergent 
  • Read The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding (Elsa Library)
Week 33

  • Assemble diaper bag kit - mini lysol spray, tide pen, baby soap, baby lotion, baby sun screen, vaseline, diaper cream (cloth diaper safe), gelmacina, benydryl (chewable or liquid)
  • Buy or Make Nursing Pillow
Week 34 

  • Prewash Cloth Diapers
  • Wash all Baby Clothes
  • Prepare Diaper Bag
Week 35

  • Install Car Seat and have checked by Fire Department
  • Prepare freezer meals
  • Install smoke & carbon monoxide alarms
  • Lower Water Heater to 120 degrees
Week 36 

  • Help Babies Head engage
  • Go to Chiropractor 
  • Interview and select pediatrician
  • Pick up any last-minute items needed for Minion
Week 37

  • Put a shower curtain liner under the sheets on my side of the bed.
  • Pack delivery bag
  • Pick up nursing pads
Week 38 (Inspired by this list)

  •  Bring in a cleaning service to do a good deep clean.
  •  Clean out the fridge and freezer.
  •  Load up on big, giant maxi pads.
  •  Put together a folder with all contact information for insurance to add minion to the policy.
  •  6 pairs Full bottomed, comfortable cotton underwear in black
  •  Make a few padsicles! Pour witch hazel on some of those monster pads and pop them in the freezer. So amazing in those early days when your lady biz needs some relief. 
Week 39 

  • Pick-up pack of disposable diapers
  • Mix up some "laborade" 
Week 40

So as you can see the next few months are gonna be busy. But I am so excited to start this adventure. And just because my brain is in "baby mode" doesn't mean I'll never post about our trip... those posts will be coming soon :)

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  1. Nina, we need to look at what is available to me in the Graco product line since I'm a Newell Rubbermaid employee - I can buy gifts at employee prices. So to be Great Aunt Cheryl