Saturday, December 1, 2012

101 in 1001

So I have discovered that I need a bit more time for my different intentions. So I have decided to join the 101 in 1001 challenge. This gives me a master list for things to work towards and then I can pool from this list whenever I want to do shorter time frame intention lists.
I worked on this for several weeks and am very excited about every item on here. I postponed doing 101 in 1001 for a while because I thought it would be too hard to come up with that many goals but once I started, I was caught up in the idea. My list actually started when I checked out Dream It. List It. Do It! from my library. I just started listing and couldn't stop. I actually had to revise my list several times (even as I was writing this post) to get the right kind of goals that I think I can actually achieve in the next 3 years.
Plus I love that my start date is Dec 1st since that means my end date is on a 29th (which is "our number")!
So here's my 101 in 1001...

Start Date: December 1, 2012
Deadline: August 29, 2015

  1. Take a letterpress class
  2. Work on a themed photography project and publish it as a coffee table book
  3. Invent a board game
  4. Make a playlist of the theme song for every year of my life - shared my soundtrack on 2/8/13
  5. Write a book of haiku chapters
  6. Build a terrarium
  7. Start a correspondence writing project like Rachel Cohn and David Levithan
  8. Put together the scrapbook kit Rae gave me
  9. Start a memory bank for 2013 - Hung bank on 1/7/13
  10. Collect art - even small pieces like ACEOs - I bought a piece a month for the first half of 2013. Here's some of my first pieces.
  11. Create a pretty space or way to display the art I collect
  12. Commission or create a custom piece of art that represents our family in some wayCommissioned a watercolor drawing from Natan Malki for only $5 on 4/10/13
  13. Do a 30 Day. 30 Dress. 30 Dollar challenge inspired by New Dress a Day - Finished Project 30.30.30 on 1/1/13
  14. Participate in an Art House Co-op project
  1. Send out one resume or product sample a day for a month (Don't be afraid to dream big!)
  2. Go to a photography conference or workshop - While I haven't done an in-person workshop, in October '13 I started taking CreativeLive courses. So informative!
  3. Collaborate with someone who inspires me on a special project
  4. Create a sample book of my invitation suite designs
  5. Finish my website
  6. Join or help form a hackerspace
  7. Submit to be a Papirmasse artist
  8. Buy a new sewing machine and serger for my Baby line - Got a new rehabbed sewing machine on 12/15/12
Personal Growth & Development

  1. Eliminate the stuff from my life that doesn't fulfill me spiritually, emotionally, or creatively
  2. Learn to drive a stick shift
  3. Spend a day away from my computer at least once a month (including phone usage other than calling and texting)
  4. Stick to a daily schedule for 1 month
  5. List all the things I did well today
  6. Always send a thank you card as soon as someone does something nice for me
  7. Make a final decision on the baby front, come to terms with it, embrace it, and implement it - Well this one worked out quickly ;)
  1. Get down to a size 8 and stay there
  2. Sleep at least 7 hours every night for a month
  3. Get an allergy test - Check! Had one on 1/10/13
  4. Shop the peripherally of the supermarket for 2 weeks
  5. Manage my depression and anxiety
  6. Do at least 3 mini 10 minute workouts a week - Started a new routine on 4/9/13
  1. Go on seldom work/unassigned territory
  2. Teach a Bible student to the point of baptism
  3. Help with disaster relief work
  4. Take Luke to Bethel either to work or visit - We toured Brooklyn on 6/10/13 and Wallkill on 6/28/13
  5. Go to a special convention - We were delegates at the Special Convention in Riga, Latvia on 6/21-23/13
  6. Visit an international branch - We toured the Latvian Branch on 6/20/13
  7. Get back into updating our Family Worship binder
  8. Read the Bible in chronological order
  9. Relearn Swahili
Family & Friends
  1. Take my grandpa out to breakfast, just me and him - We had breakfast at Waffle House on 1/3/13
  2. Become friends with my best friend all over again
  3. Make time to talk to a friend outside my immediate family every day
  4. Entertain at least every other month
  5. Keep up with our living, growing, family scrapbook - I have done great all through 2013 with this :)
  6. Have "lunch" with a friend (or my mom) once a month
  7. Host a pop-up dinner party
  8. Start a wine tasting group
  1. Nurture a succulent garden
  2. Always have fresh flowers in my house
  3. Get a fireproof box for my important documents
  4. Have only useful and beautiful things in my home
  5. Create my dream office/studio
  6. Buy 10 matching pillow cases and 2 fitted sheets for our bed
  7. Spend 30-minutes every day cleaning some part of the house
  8. Build "the wall" - We decided against the wall and built a room dividing cube case instead. Finished it on 11/12/13
  9. Organize my closet
  10. Pare my wardrobe to only include what is on my Essential Wardrobe List
  11. Collect mixed and matched vintage dinner ware
  12. Get a better filing system
  1. Go to Monet's gardens in Giverny
  2. Visit all the places I used to live
  3. Go to an amusement park
  4. Travel abroad - We traveled to Paris, Latvia, and Amsteram during June '13
  5. Take Luke to Rockport, MA - We went on 6/15/13
  6. Take a backpacking trip (Domestic or International) - Backpacked in Burnet, TX in February 2013 and planning to do so again in Europe during the Summer
  7. Spend a weekend in Austin
  8. Explore the Star Trek Pegasus in Italy, TX
  9. Go to at least 10 places in 1,000 Places to See in the United States and Canada Before You Die
  10. Go to Texas Antique Weekend
  1. Give someone a micro loan
  2. Plan my parent's 30th anniversary gift - We contributed to their vaction to Italy on 5/5/13
  3. Give 30 gifts within 30 days
  4. Support a Kickstarter or IndieGoGo project - I backed The Veronica Mars Movie Project on 3/22/13
  5. Host a clothing swap party
  1. Stick to a budget for 12 consecutive months
  2. Improve my credit score - I've broke the 700 mark on 9/3/13, whoop, whoop!
  3. Use coupons every week for 3 months
  4. Don't buy anything at full price for a month (including groceries)
  5. Pay off our credit card debt and continue to pay off the balance every month
  6. Only eat out once a month
  7. Write purchase history blog posts for 6 months - I tracked 9 months from Nov 2013 - July 2013
  8. Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without
  9. Maintain an emergency savings fund with 6 months expenses
  10. Buy and pay off a new car
  11. Start a Frugal Dinner Club
  12. Post items to sell on ThreadFlip - I listed but haven't sold yet
  13. Only buy things at least 50% off regular price for a month (excluding groceries)
Just for Fun
  1. Plan a scavenger hunt
  2. Take a whole summer off, like a kid from school - I'm pretty sure Summer '13 counted for this one
  3. Go someplace dressed for the red carpet
  4. Attend a fashion show
  5. Read every book I own
  6. Make a summer reading list
  7. Keep a list of all the books I read in one year
  8. Go to a drive-in movie at least 3 times
  9. Reread and finish the Keys to the Kingdom series

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